These children are enrolled in a learning center called Sahpathi Shala, which was started in collaboration with a group of residents from the Silokhra village. 

Six facilitators from the community are taking the children through an age-appropriate curriculum, being developed with support from Edulever.

The facilitators are being trained and mentored on an ongoing basis so that they continuously improve their facilitation ability and classroom.

Learning assessments of the children are being conducted twice a year to track their progress. The results of these assessments are shared with the parents in one-on-one meetings with them. In addition, group meetings with parents are regularly held.

Extracurricular activities such as Sports, Art, and Theatre are a part of the program.

Community events are being organized and planned to spread awareness levels. The children are also taken on exposure visits.

An important activity at Sahpathi is the Annual Summer Camp, a two-week learning program for which the Sahpathi children go to a nearby ‘large’ school. The three summer camps held so far have been in collaboration with Shikshantar School (2016, 2018) and Heritage Xperiential Learning School (2017).

Volunteers are regularly engaging to improve the quality of efforts through a structured volunteering program.

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