Sahpathi is an early childhood and primary education program, that envisions to Bridge the Learning Deficit in India.

Sahpathi is envisaged as an education intervention aimed at providing ongoing academic and extra-curricular support to children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, which can potentially address the significant quality deficit in government/low-cost private schools.

It draws its strength from being rooted in its community of beneficiaries, and yet being connected to more developed communities through a “bridge-mentor”.

Launched on 26 January 2015 in the Silokhra Village of Gurugram with 15 children, Sahpathi now has centers in Silokhra, Tigra, Delhi, with over 200 children getting benefited from it.  The idea behind Sahpathi is to provide a support system for an under-resourced community, through which the children in the community can access good quality education in their formative years.

“​The Goal of Sahpathi is to ensure that all children are on the path of responsible and independent learning by the time they reach the age of 12″.

The funding partner for Sahpathi is Gurgaon-based NGO Agrasar which has been co-founded by Chetan Kapoor, the founder of Sahpathi.

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