Students from Victoria University, Australia – Experience at Sahpathi

Exposure to a new language, food, people and culture is important for Children as it uncovers their barriers of mind and exposes them to a new way of thinking, acceptance and evolving especially as growing children.

One such opportunity came on the Childrens’ Day for the Sahpathi kids to experience the people, culture, food, and history of Australia.

Students studying at Victoria University Melbourne, Australia, one of the largest globally recognized Universities on their India tour made an attempt to gain the insight, knowledge, and experience of the education system in and around Delhi, while they engaged with Sahpathi children on November 14 and 15, 2018 at the Sahpathi shala, Silokhera.

Paul Di Lizia, a Bachelor of Education student said, “With the challenges in a new environment and country, we are hoping to gain a new perspective and come up with new tools that could be used in the current and future classroom settings.”

Paul Di Lizia, Hannah Gerring, Chloe Reeves, Joseph Grosso, Julie Ristetski, Taryn O’Donoghue explored and engaged with all the children in their varied activities. They also informed these children about the Australian leaders, currency, transportation, sports, culture through storytelling, energizers and presentations which were interactive and fun-filled.  The children enjoyed these sessions throughout the day,.

Sahpathi children’s also experienced the excitement of playing Australian football. After these children were introduced to the Australian Food fairy bread, they were further motivated to make their own bread.

The Sahpathian’s and Victoria university,Australia Students All Together

These were the wonderful two days for the sahpathi children when a lot of knowledge and experiences were shared and exchanged with them by the students from Victoria University.

We at Sahpathi extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the Victoria University students who created such an amazing teaching-learning during their stay. We would also like to thank Vivek from kshamtalaya who believes in the work Sahpathi does for the community, without whom this would not have been possible.

Testimonials by the students from Victoria University

Paul – My experience at Sahpathi was simply amazing!! The students and facilitators were truly special and so very warm and welcoming. It was an honor and a great pleasure to have met them all and I look forward to returning one day. 

Hannah – I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Sahpathi. I’m incredibly humbled by the children’s intelligence and willingness to learn. It was a privilege to be welcomed into the school and given the opportunity to spend quality time with the students and share Australian culture. My experience at Sahpathi is one I’ll carry with me whether I teach in my own or another nation.

Taran- I feel very fortunate to have spent some time at Sahpathi. Meeting the students was an experience like no other. Their resilience, willingness to learn and wanting to try new things was incredible to be a part of. Thanks to the staff and the students for making me feel very welcomed.

julie- My experience at Sahpathi school was incredible. The communication between the preservice teachers and the staff was amazing. The students got involved in everything we had planned and it made an unforgettable experience.

Joseph – My experience at the primary school was truly majestic. I learned about the challenges and struggles of communicating with another language; as well as being respectful to other cultures. Learning basic words and phrases assisted me greatly in building relationships with the students; as well as demonstrating some level of initiation and respect. Being able to actively engage with the content was my greatest benefit, in visually and physically demonstrating the assigned instructions. I wish all the children good health and best of luck in their coming future.

Chloe- My time at Sahpathi was incredibly rewarding. The children and the teachers were so kind, they welcomed me and the other preservice teachers into the school with open arms. It was interesting to learn about another culture in India and compared this to our own in Australia. My favourite part of the day was playing football and eating fairy bread with the children. I hope to see you again.

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